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Stadium of Fire

Hey friends!

My son had the coolest opportunity this last week. He is involved in our non-denominational community Boy Scouts troop. They are super hardcore scouters, and he loves it so much. They were given the opportunity to participate in the opening bit of Stadium of Fire at the local college, and then they got to stay for the concert and fireworks!!

Lucky kid. I’ve never been to Stadium, let alone seen freaking One Republic in concert. And he’s done both.

And he’s only eleven.

They got to wave little flags around on the stage. So fun! His leader sent a text out that they were running late, so we headed up to see if we could catch the fireworks show at the end (and avoid the terrible traffic). My 6-year-old was super excited to see the fireworks, until they started. They were loud, and we were a few blocks away! We told her to close her eyes and rest, and gave her some earplugs. Well…1 earplug, she dropped one in the car and it rolled under the emergency brake. Oops!

She ended up sleeping through the 30 minute wait after the program was over, as well as the hour-long drive home through bumper to bumper traffic! Lucky kid. We were all super tired the next day. Late nights are so hard now that we’re grown ups. 

How did you celebrate Independence Day? We had a blast with family and friends. Let me know what you did in the comments!


Hello world!

Hey friends!

I’ve been gone a while. And I’m sorry about that. I blame my former web-hosting service. They were going to charge me an arm and a leg (or as we like to refer to things at our house “the cost of a Nintendo Switch, or 1 trip to the Emergency Room doctor – without the ED bill”) to continue hosting my site. Since I’m not really in this to make any money, that wasn’t really an option. So, my super genius husband had to figure out how to transfer my site over to a new hosting service. He went above and beyond and figured out how to host this silly little blog on our own personal servers! Bonus: I only have to pay the domain registration now.


Anyway, I’m back. Hopefully I’ll post more. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on this one. . . as unlikely as it is.