Who is Busty Larue? Well, to put it shortly, I am.

I am a mom, writer (sometimes), quilter, amigurumi maker, crochet enthusiast, sewist, and crafter. I enjoy all things crafty, but I also embrace my nerdy side. I love Star Wars/Star Trek (yes, I know they are totally different), Marvel superhero movies, and video games (Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch is my favorite). I love to eat food, and enjoy following the keto lifestyle (most of the time – I still love my carbs!). I love sharing my projects on social media, and seeing what my friends are currently working on as well.

I have a small business: Designs by Laura Jo. I offer quilting services and sell crocheted items in my shop and on Etsy. I also work full time outside of the home and my business, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still find ways to get some crafting in. At my job, you’ll frequently see me with a ball of yarn and a project on my lap, working in my “down time” on some new project.