Hey friends!

Holy cow, it’s been a while! July and August just flew by. Honestly though, I was working a lot, and playing even more!! We went on vacation, and had some pretty big family stuff going on (nothing serious or sad – all happy stuff, I promise!!) that the blog just kind of slipped to the back burner. I’m so sorry!!

So, here’s my update in a nutshell:


24th – Fiesta Days parade (our local town celebration, which also happens to be on Pioneer Day in Utah), family party with a foam machine and food (duh!), and fireworks.


Family trip to Bear Lake, Idaho – during Raspberry Days in Garden City, Utah. It was so much fun! 3 days at the lake, 1 day roadtrippin’ up to Idaho Falls to shop and go to the zoo (and eat the best sushi ever at Blue Hashi – seriously, get the Sleepwalker roll. You’ll thank me later), and then home with a quick stop for a birthday dinner with family on the way.

Back to SCHOOL!! The kids are finally back in school. Miss B, my 6-year-old, is in 1st grade this year. All day school is a hard adjustment for her, but we’ll get there. She has all the friends and so much fun, I can just tell it’s a little draining. We went back to school shopping at Kohl’s the Friday before school started because both kids went through growth spurts. Miss B’s jeans were suddenly floods (she now wears a size 7!! Where has my baby gone?!) and Mr. Marshmallow’s pants were too tight in the butt (he has graduated from a 10 slim to a regular 10!!). 

Back to School Med Check – Mr. Marshmallow takes ADHD medicine (NO, I’m not interested in how your oils will help him get off his meds, or how this new diet/food supplement/vitamin could help his body regulate it better than medications. We’re good.), so he has to go to the doctor every 3 months to make sure he’s still growing (weight and height) and that his vitals are at a normal level. This time we went up 3 pounds! This was a huge deal for him, because usually we’re up 1 or 2 if he’s lucky. But 3? Winner winner!

Back to School Eye Exams – Mr. Marshmallow still needs glasses (figures he’d get my genetically bad eyesight! Sorry kiddo!). His Rx didn’t change much, about what you’d expect for a year, so we’re good. We put new lenses in his frames. Miss B, however, is a totally different story! Last year, we went to the mall – my old stomping grounds and former place of employment. Now, since I was an A.B.O certified Optician 10+ years ago, I still remember a thing or two, so it’s hard to pull a fast one on me at the sales floor. However, I’m not an optometrist. So, when he wrote Miss B an Rx for a +1.50 -1.00 x whatever-the-number-was for her right eye, and a plano (no Rx) for her left, I didn’t bat an eye. I figured the Dr. went to school for these things and he knew best. Except last year she hated wearing her glasses. This year, we went to a local optometrist who is actually about 3 blocks from our house. His daughter goes to school with my kids. He’s a really great guy. He started from scratch with Miss B, and found that she has a slight astigmatism (like, we’re talking -0.25 correction for astigmatism ONLY) in each eye, and that no distance correction was needed. This was a HUGE jump from the Rx we got last year. I even told him so. He was very surprised that the Dr. we saw even wrote that Rx. And then, he surprised me by saying “You don’t need to get her glasses unless her schoolwork starts to slip and she starts to struggle. She’ll probably be fine for at least a few years before she needs any correction.” WHAT?! I mean, you live off glasses sales, right? But clearly this guy is the bomb-dot-com because he isn’t going to sell me glasses she DOESN’T need. Best. News. Ever.

And finally, a little personal update…..

I’ve decided that I’m not happy the weight I am. I won’t divulge that number, but just know that it’s the heaviest I’ve been in 13 years. I’ve always been “overweight” as far as BMI is concerned. In fact, for my height, the upper end of the “normal” section of the BMI chart is 135 lbs. HA! Isn’t that ridiculous? Anyway, I knew I needed a change. We’ve done keto on and off for the past 5 years. We were doing keto before it was “super cool” and “everyone was doing it.” I knew I wanted to get back in it, but I’ve always struggled sticking with it. But, I also have between my oldest child and a small teenager to lose, so I figured I needed a plan. I searched the interwebs, and found this Egg Fast from I Breathe I’m Hungry. She pretty much spells it out for you. Make sure if you do the egg fast that you read all of her disclaimers at the top because, true story, I literally didn’t want to eat another egg by the middle of day 3. But, I stuck it out, didn’t drink ANY soda (and I don’t drink coffee either, so I subbed bulletproof cocoa for the bulletproof coffee), suffered through the eggs, and ended up down 8.3 pounds by the end of day 7!! I was stoked, and well on my way towards my goal. 

So what am I doing now that the egg fast is over (thank goodness – because I was starting to emanate the scent of eggs wherever I went. It was bad)? Well, I’m on to the next diet plan: the 5-day Keto Soup Diet. So far, so good. The soup is pretty tasty. She allows for you to have a snack after lunch, but I was so full from my breakfast and lunch meals that I didn’t feel like I needed it. Honestly, I didn’t really want to skip it, but the thought of eating more food when I wasn’t hungry made me ill.


Who is this person I’ve become in just 1 short week?! There was once a time I’d order the extra large chips & queso (with extra queso, natch) from Costa Vida and eat it ALL GONE after eating my large sweet pork salad with black beans ALL GONE – including the tortilla dipped in extra ranch. Yep, that’s how I got here. But now, I’m 1 week in and thinking “Nah, I don’t need that extra food. I’m fine.” WHAT? Yep. True Story.

So – Wish me luck! I’ll keep you updated! And hopefully, I’ll be able to post more frequently!!