Activia Chatterbox

Hey friends!

I belong to a couple of awesome sites where you apply to either host a party, test out a new product, or use a product and then post on social media about it. I just recently got accepted into what’s called a Chatterbox. Basically, you try out a product and spread your opinions about it.

This particular Chatterbox was for Activia Probiotic Dailies. I’d heard of Activia before, but I’d always associated the brand with Jamie Lee Curtis and those old commercials from the early 2000s. I never really thought the product applied to me, so I’d never bothered to try it out. So, when this opportunity came up, I figured I’d give it a try. This might be TMI, but I’ve been having issues with my digestive tract and this *claims* to help sort some of those issues out. So, here we go! Giving it a try!

My Chatterbox “kit” included a shopping list, a card about ensuring proper disclosure (because, I got these products for free, essentially, to try out and post about, and it’s kind of important that all of the participants disclose appropriately), and then I also got a small gift card to Walmart to purchase the products. I mean, obviously, they can’t ship you something that needs to be refrigerated, so the gift card was nice. I went right out to my local Walmart, on the 4th of July mind you, to pick them up!

The bottles are small. It’s not like a huge milkshake or anything that you drink. It’s a tiny bottle of yogurt drink with probiotics. I got the multi-pack with 4 strawberry flavor and 4 blueberry flavor. They’re actually pretty tasty. They taste a lot like just regular yogurt, but they’re thinner in consistency so it’s easier to drink. The package says that if you take 2 daily for 2 weeks, you’ll notice a difference. Well, I’m only taking 1 daily, so we’ll see what happens! So far, I haven’t noticed a difference, but I’ll definitely keep everyone updated.

You can get these at your local Walmart stores, and I’ve also seen them around at other grocers like Smith’s. Check them out! And let me know if you’ve tried them, or what you think of them!


P.S. Here are links to all the sites I use:

If any of them ask you for a referral code, hit me up! I’m glad to help you out!!

Also, isn’t my wreath so cute?! I love it. Check out the tutorial here to make your own!!


Hey friends!

I know I’m totally late to the game, but I’ve recently discovered Podcasts! I know, I know, I’m dumb. Podcasts are cool and everyone’s been listening to them for ages. Well, apparently not me. I’m just barely catching on to this trend. 

I’ve been using Castbox, but my husband starting using Google Podcast, and really likes the interface so I thought I’d try it out. So far, I am loving the clean look and how easy it is to access everything. Maybe it was just my phone, but Castbox seemed a little delayed in responding to me when I’d hit play or search or something. 

So what does everyone listen to on a podcast?

I started listening to Reply All by Gimlet after my husband discovered it. At first, I was skeptical. It can’t be that good, can it? But then he started telling me the premise of one of the episodes (#102 Long Distance). The premise was “Who are these people calling from India saying your computer has a virus? What do they really want?” It captured my interest almost from the beginning. This particular topic spans 2 episodes. Other favorites cover topics about a random photo on the internet, and a popular conspiracy theory. 

One of the gals at worked recommended a few true crime podcasts, so I’ve also started listening to Someone Knows Something. I’m halfway through the first season and it is gripping! A child goes missing in the 1970s in Canada, and the podcast covers one reporter’s journey to uncover what may have happened to the young boy. I can’t stop listening! I wish I didn’t have to do anything and could just sit and listen to this story unfold. I’m only halfway through, but they’ve called out cadaver dogs to check the area where the boy went missing. I’m learning so much about what would be left if the body was in the woods for this long (just the soles of his shoes!) and how cadaver dogs work, and what they can sense and smell. It’s really amazing!

So, I’d love to hear what you’re listening to. I’m always up for something new to try! Let me know in the comments!


Hello world!

Hey friends!

I’ve been gone a while. And I’m sorry about that. I blame my former web-hosting service. They were going to charge me an arm and a leg (or as we like to refer to things at our house “the cost of a Nintendo Switch, or 1 trip to the Emergency Room doctor – without the ED bill”) to continue hosting my site. Since I’m not really in this to make any money, that wasn’t really an option. So, my super genius husband had to figure out how to transfer my site over to a new hosting service. He went above and beyond and figured out how to host this silly little blog on our own personal servers! Bonus: I only have to pay the domain registration now.


Anyway, I’m back. Hopefully I’ll post more. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on this one. . . as unlikely as it is.